January 2018 archive

How to keep an ENC28J60 Module from Freezing

ENC28J60 LAN Module

The ENC28J60 module is good for attaching an Arduino to a LAN or the Internet. The one real problem in doing so is how to keep an ENC28J60 module from freezing. No, not temperature wise ! ūüôĄ¬† (‘Freezing’ in the sense of locking up, stop working, etc.) There are many Ethernet¬† arduino libraries for the …

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Switching 12V from a 5V Arduino

Switch 12V

I built a circuit to allow switching 12V from a 5V Arduino. Here is the wiring diagram and a picture of the actual circuit:         Get the Fritzing source HERE.¬† The side with two connections attaches to the 12V device being switched ON/OFF. The side with three¬† connectors,¬† connects to the 12V …

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Decoding an ESP8266 Firmware Image

ESP8266 Flash Tool on Windows

I recently coded a Python script for Decoding an ESP8266 Firmware Image. It’s the first part of my quest to create a Linux tool for creating a single flash image. More specifically, the script will decode a single binary image or a ‘combined’ image. A combined image (single flash image) can be created with the …

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