February 2021 archive

Connecting a serial port to the WEB via Node.js

Serial Port to WEB via Node.Js

A previous post (here) documented how to connect a Python script to a serial port on a microcontroller.  This post documents connecting a serial port to the WEB via Node.js (which is a JavaScript runtime). Using Node.js and a module for node called serialport, it is very easy to connect a PC to a serial …

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An STM32F103C8T6 based MIDI Controller for MIDI2LR (Updated)

In a previous post (here) ,  a project was introduced for those of you who use Adobe Lightroom. There is a way to use a MIDI hardware ‘box’ to control various Lightroom actions. I am told that once you use the hardware controls you will never want to go back to the software ones.  A …

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Multiple Rotary Encoders on an STM32F103C8T6

Rotary Encoder

Rotary encoders are useful for many things.  Here is what they look like (with and without the button): They have 5 connections (Power, Ground, Data, Clock and Switch). The button can be turned (continuously in any direction) and it can also be pushed down .         The switch connection monitors the button …

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