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  1. John Nephin

    Please may I have a copy of the png svg library as I am not familiar with Inkscape even though I have downloaded it
    I am afraid at 64 I am slow in keeping up to date, love the site……..Many Thanks JN

    I would love to know how you import an image in svg whilst at the same time having it in png format again many thanks

    1. earl

      Hi John,
      I sent you info via email. Let me know of any questions.
      You have me by a few years but keep learning, it keeps your mind young.

  2. Doug Greene

    Hi … came across this article:

    Very interested in any SVG graphics, etc., you have that can be used with Explaindio!


    Doug Greene

    1. earl

      Hi Doug,
      I sent you a link to download them.

  3. Melani Roewe, CITM, M. Ed.

    I read with interest your post about Explaindio and the SVG/PNG libraries. I would love to have a copy of the libraries.
    Blessings, and thank you,

    1. earl

      Hi Melani,
      I sent you a link to download them.

  4. Larry Truitt

    I would love to get a copy of the electronics SVG/PNG library for use with Explaindio as well as a copy of the library you created from the SVG’s in

    I am new to Explaindio but am delving into it quite heavily.

    Thanks so much!!!


    1. earl

      Hi Larry,

      I sent you an email with a link to download the files.
      Any problems let me know.


  5. Ray Cunningham

    Hi, I also use Explaindio and saw that you are offering a library of SVG images. Is this something you are giving away or is there a purchase price?


    1. earl

      Hi Ray,
      I sent you a link to download them.

  6. lonny

    Interested in the explaindio files


    1. earl

      Hi Lonny,

      I sent you a link to download them.


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