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Powering your electronics projects with an ATX power supply

Bench Power Supply

Working with different electronics projects,  and especially microcontrollers , requires different voltages (usually 3.3,  5 and 12 Volts).  It is very fitting that the power supply used in most desktop computers (an ATX power supply) can provide exactly these voltages. There are a number of  projects  (found via a Google search) that turn an  ATX …

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STM32F103C8T6 Pin Tester to check your soldering

How good are you at soldering?   Here is the STM32F103C8T6  microcontroller board that I use  and have to solder all of the pins. Sometimes when I solder pins to the  board, the connection looks OK and even tests OK with continuity on a multimeter.  However, the solder connections even though they pass those two …

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