Category: Communications

A Wireless WEB Server on an ESP8266

This is a short post which shows how to create a wireless WEB server on an ESP8266.  It uses a microcontroller, in this case an STM32F103C8T6 (BluePill )  to send commands and control the ESP8266 Here is what the wiring looks like:.   You can get the Fritzing code for this image here.     …

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Solar Power System Monitoring with an Arduino

Arduino Invertor Monitor

Sometimes, people wonder about the practical side of using an arduino. I do get asked what is the real use for some of the articles I post here.  Are these ‘gadgets‘ just toys or do they have a practical use?  Most people who ask though, are not that familiar with arduinos or microcontrollers in general. …

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SN75176 RS485 Communications between two Arduinos


Previously, I wrote about RS485 communications between two Arduinos using a MAX485 IC. The link for that post is HERE.  It showed one Arduino as a tranmitter and the other as a receiver. This post is very similar, however, I am using a different IC, the SN75176BP. This post is about SN75176 RS485 communications between …

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