October 2014 archive

Prototyping Circuits using a Breadboard

Cat5 Cable Image

When I first heard the term ‘breadboard’ when reading about electronic circuits, I thought about bread of course and some great bread making recipes. I must have been hungry! For electronic recipes 🙄 (i.e. circuits), originally a smooth piece of wood (literally a breadboard with nails and wiring) was used as a surface for assembling/wiring  electronic …

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Arduino Weather Station


With just a few sensors, one can determine a lot about the weather.                 The BMP085 can be used to sense barometric pressure and temperature and the DHT11 can be used to sense humidity and also temperature. Here is what they look like attached to a mini breadboard: …

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HC-SR04 Distance Sensing

HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor

Animals such as bats and porpoises use ultrasound for locating prey and obstacles.  If you have an electronic device that needs to sense distances from objects (like a robot or an automatic door opener) you might consider using an HC-SR04 Sensor Module. No one can sneak up on you with a couple of these and …

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Measuring Light Intensity

BH1750 Sensor

Any camera buffs out there? Sometimes it is handy to be able to measure the amount of light at a particular spot. This is needed sometimes so you can adjust your camera to take the ‘perfect’ picture. Or perhaps you are calculating the amount of solar energy your solar panels will be producing given the …

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ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

ESP8266 WiFi Transceiver Module

My children bought a present for me recently (yes, another birthday, I really am getting older 🙁 ). It is an ESP8266 Module which is a self-contained [IoT] Wi-Fi networking solution. Here are pictures (with the pins labelled):                     My module comes from Elecrow.com. Since this …

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