Arduino Weather Station

With just a few sensors, one can determine a lot about the weather.


BMP085 Barometric Sensor


DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor









The BMP085 can be used to sense barometric pressure and temperature and the DHT11 can be used to sense humidity and also temperature.

Here is what they look like attached to a mini breadboard:


Arudino Breadboard Weather Station

An FTDI cable (not shown in the above image) can be plugged in at the top left of the breadboard to power this circuit and collect the data.

To collect data in an arduino sketch. the DHT library and the Wire Library will be needed. Both of which are included in the Aruduino IDE.

Here is the arduino sketch (code) to display barometric pressure, humidity and temperature (from both devices) :

Update 11/5/2020, things have changed in the Arduino IDE and libraries since this was first posted. Here is an updated sketch:



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