December 2014 archive

Controlling an Arduino from an Android Phone or Tablet

Question: What do you get when you connect your Android Phone or Tablet with a USB-OTG cable and connect that into another USB cable connected to an Arduino?   Answer: A easy way to program and/or control your Arduino. This is a handy way to control (and/or re-program) your Arduinos in the field where it …

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ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module Revisited

ESP8266 Reset Circuit Fritzing Image

A while back I posted some information about the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module. You can view that post here. I mentioned that for testing it, an Arduino with multiple hardware serial ports would be ideal. Well, I just got an Arduino Leonardo which matches that criteria. Here is how I hooked it up:   you can …

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Explaindio Video Creator

You may not think this post has a lot to do with MicroController Electronics, however, read on before you formulate an opinion. There is a new Windows and Mac Video Creator program called Eplaindio that recently became available. I am using it to create training, educational and advertising videos for various projects. It is very …

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