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Connecting an Arduino to a LAN with the ENC28J60

ENC28J60 LAN Module

I picked up a couple of these modules:   from so I could attach (communicate with and control) several of my Arduinos through a LAN connection. The main chip is the ENC28J60 from These modules are better than an Ethernet Shield in that you can easily attach these to any Arduino and they …

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OBD-II Testing with an Arudino

FTDI Breakout 5V

OBD-II  (an abbreviation for  On-Board Diagnostics, Second Generation) is a set of standards for implementing a computer based system to control emissions from vehicles ( and a lot more ! ).  If you are not familiar with OBD-II you can read more about it here. I just recently acquired an OBD-II UART board and cable from …

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