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ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module

ESP8266 WiFi Transceiver Module

My children bought a present for me recently (yes, another birthday, I really am getting older šŸ™ ). It is an ESP8266 Module which is a self-contained [IoT] Wi-Fi networking solution. Here are pictures (with the pins labelled):                     My module comes from Since this …

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3 PIN HD44780 LCD

LCD Shift Register Circuit

One of the problems of connecting an HD44780 LCD to an arduino is the number of pins taken up (usually 6). There is an older article here for hooking up an HD44780 LCD to an arduino with only 3 pins.Ā  (Note: There is an alternate link here as the original link may be down.) The …

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DIY Arduino Circuit Board


Shown below is one of my DIY Arduino circuits.                 The circuit does not have the FTDI chip built in. The FTDI circuit is only needed for programming and cutting out un-necessary components saves a bit of money. The ICSP connection (6 pins comming out the side) on …

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Connecting an Arduino to a LAN with the ENC28J60

ENC28J60 LAN Module

I picked up a couple of these modules:   from so I could attach (communicate with and control) several of my Arduinos through a LAN connection. The main chip is the ENC28J60 from These modules are better than an Ethernet Shield in that you can easily attach these to any Arduino and they …

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OBD-II Testing with an Arduino

OBD Circuit

OBD-IIĀ  (an abbreviation forĀ  On-Board Diagnostics, Second Generation) is a set of standards for implementing a computer based system to control emissions from vehicles ( and a lot more ! ).Ā  If you are not familiar with OBD-II you can read more about it here. I just recently acquired an OBD-II UART boardĀ and cable from …

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