MicroController Electronics

We live in an exciting age!  Just think about how computer technology has progressed in just one ‘people’ generation!

Electronic devices with smaller and smaller components are infiltrating our lives more and more making things easier.  The ‘Internet of Things‘ is taking over!

My main interest (and I hope yours too) is in electronics and especially how electronics are integrated with microcontrollers.

That is what MicroControllerElectronics.com is all about!

I hope you enjoy the content posted here!

Note: I have separated the posts into two pages. The main post(s) page (which you are viewing) has unique content, i.e., articles I have written. There is another post(s) page (Ecommerce) which contains information, reviews, current prices and links to purchase the various electronics parts which I use and mention in the main post(s) page.  The Ecommerce page is my advertising page and I keep it separate so as not to annoy you. However, please feel free to browse this page if you are interested in purchasing something I mention. If you do purchase something through those links it will help with the costs to maintain this site.

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