Updated DIY Arduino Uno

I have a new version of my DIY Arduino UNO. It is somewhat different than the old one that I have written about before (HERE).  I moved some components around on the board, added the user LED and moved all the wiring to the bottom of the board.

Here is a picture of what it looks like:

DIY Arduino [Top View]

Updated DIY Arduino Uno

If you’ve followed along in my blog posts, you will have seen other pictures of it in use.  Additionally, I have added an optional 40 (10 x 4) pin breadboard which makes it quite handy to test any add on circuitry. I also added jumpers to connect / disconnect the LEDs (to conserver power). I printed ‘stickers’ for the Atmega328 and used silicon to stick them on. Get them here.  The sticker makes it easy to tell which pin is which.

Here are pictures of the top and bottom views of one:


DIY Arduino [Top View]DIY Arduino [Bottom View]









The bottom view was taken before all the wires (necessary to complete the connections)  were soldered on. This updated DIY Arduino UNO features:

The parts list for my updated DIY Arduino UNO is very basic:

Even though the layout has changed, how things are connected has remained the same. View the larger graphic by clicking the image below which shows the basic connections. (Get the fritzing source .fzz HERE)

Arduino on a Breadboard

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